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416 Men Made Their Shocking Confessions About Women And Love…

(Including the 5 things he secretly CRAVES  but won’t tell you)

Hey, I'm Hannah... 

And I'm about to reveal something that will change everything about the way you relate to men…

And most importantly, the way men respond to you.

It is the secret emotional trigger sequence you need to not only catch a man’s eye...

But to make him feel a deep, all-consuming attachment to you that makes YOU become the center of his world…

His ultimate fantasy…

…the woman he can’t stop thinking about.

And the best thing is, it can be used in ANY situation with a man – through text, messaging, email, or in person – to give him what no other woman has before. 
How do I know this? Because this isn’t the kind of information you’ll find in women’s magazines. It isn’t the kind of information women usually EVER have access to.

This information comes straight from the secret confessions of 416 men.

In short, 416 men from all walks of life responded to an intimate relationship survey and bared shocking truths about women, love, and commitment. 

I'll tell you all about this survey soon, but first, there’s something you NEED to know...

The #1 mistake women make with menFocusing all of your efforts on attracting a man, rather than making him feel attached.

After reading men’s survey responses, it shocked me to realize that I’d been making this mistake over and over in my love life.
Attracting a man isn’t enough. To win a man’s love, you’ve got to make him feel a deep emotional attachment to you. Because while attraction captures a guy’s attention for the short-term, attachment captures his HEART.
Without feeling this kind of attachment, even a guy who seemed really ‘into you’ at the start may eventually lose interest and look elsewhere.

If this has happened to you, it’s NOT your fault.
Believe me, I’ve been there. There is little that compares to the pain, confusion, and humiliation of a man suddenly switching off his love for you.
But now, there's an explanation. Now, with this tell-all survey, there are answers.

Now, there is a way of getting under a man’s defenses and connecting straight to his emotional core…

All by doing five very specific things that when used together, disarm a man’s defenses and ignite within him a deep desire to open himself up to you and connect on a level that he never has before.

You see, the answers that men spilled in this survey were shocking. Deep. Even BRUTAL at times.

But the most shocking thing of all was discovering that throughout the responses, the same FIVE things kept coming up…

…Five things that all men secretly CRAVE in a relationship, yet that very few women know about.

These five things were the difference between a guy keeping his guard up and eventually losing interest…

…and a guy openly, passionately declaring his love for a woman and doing anything to keep her by his side.

Making this discovery was earth-shattering. After all of the times I wished I could know what a man is REALLY thinking, suddenly it was like I had a front-row seat.

These are the five things that when done correctly, have the power to really get under a man’s skin

…in a way that allows you to bypass any fears, doubts, wandering eyes, or commitment hang-ups he may have had.

Once you understand these five things, you will know exactly what to do to make that special man not only overcome with desire for you...

...He will be desperate to win your love and make you his.
And let me reassure you that this isn’t a method that will only work for supermodels, or twenty-somethings, or women who have plenty of available men at their disposal.

Survey fact: When men were asked, “What made you SURE a woman was ‘The One’?”, physical attraction was NOT the #1 response. It was something deeper…
This step-by-step sequence can work for ANY woman in ANY situation, to subliminally show a man that YOU are the one he’s been searching for - the only woman who can fulfill his deepest needs and desires.

Have you been doubting whether it is EVER going to happen for you? Don't worry.

No matter what is going on for you right now…
If you feel like you are cursed with dating, always falling for guys who let you down
If all the hurt from past relationships has shattered your confidence…
If you want to take your relationship to the next level, but your man doesn't seem to want to settle down
If your boyfriend or husband isn’t paying you enough attention anymore...
Or if you’re still in love with your ex and want to get back the love you had…
…ALL of this can be turned around.
If you wish you knew how to capture that special man’s attention, and make him see you as your most attractive, radiant, amazing self… 

So that you can leave behind all of the hurt and frustration you’ve experienced in love, and become his Number One priority, his queen, the woman he would walk through FIRE for... 

…Then read on, because all of the answers you need are right here.

So, you’re probably wondering what these 5 crucial steps are and how you can use them in your love life, right?

Used together, these 5 steps make up something I’ve come to know as… 

“The Deep Attachment Sequence”.

This 5 step attachment sequence works almost instantly to capture a man’s attention and make him feel helplessly drawn to you…

Creating an emotional reaction so powerful and yet so subtle that he won’t even realize what is happening. All he’ll know is that he can’t get you out of his mind.

And even a man who has always been uninterested in long term relationships will find himself suddenly eager to settle down and commit.

Because that’s another thing I uncovered in the surveys – it’s not that some men just ‘aren’t cut out for commitment’ while other men are.

(OK, maybe there are SOME die-hard players that are exceptions to this rule).

But in reality, almost ANY man will change his ways change his ways and devote himself once he has met a woman who makes him feel UNDERSTOOD, APPRECIATED, and CAPTIVATED on this deep emotional level.

WHY does The Deep Attachment Sequence work so well?

To be frank, because it cuts through a guy’s ‘tough exterior’ B.S. and taps right into his deep emotional core… making him vulnerable in a way that he usually never allows himself to be.

I’ll tell you more about the 5 steps very soon…

But first, to show you just how powerful the Deep Attachment Sequence is, I need to share the story of how this discovery came about…

Here's how one late night email led to the discovery that changed everything...

My name is Hannah Jackson, and I’m a happily married mom, writer, and relationship coach.

Yet, things weren’t always this way. 

Just five short years ago, I was deep in the blissful haze of a new relationship that felt like the beginnings of forever.
"I think I'm falling in love with you..."

Josh told me one morning while we were snuggled up in bed. 

My eyes widened, and a smile beamed across my face. 

"I'm falling for you too..." I replied, laying my head on his chest and feeling the happiness pulse through me.

I'd never felt like this before.

After a series of disappointing relationships and online dating experiences, I was starting to feel like I was never going to experience the kind of love that I saw in happy couples all around me.

But Josh was fun, romantic, smart, and handsome, and the more time we spent together, the more I felt my fears slide away. 
Until two months went by, and my life suddenly crashed around me.

We went from spending blissful nights together, talking, laughing, and making love… 

...To him acting strangely distant and cancelling our plans.
When he did reply to my texts, it was often hours later and there were none of the sweet, flirtatious undertones that had always been there before. 

I was so confused... everything had been so perfect, and suddenly it was like he didn't want to know me anymore.

Then one night I had the dreaded phone call.

I knew what he was going to say. I took a deep breath and nervously answered the phone, only to hear...

"I'm sorry, Hannah. I just don't feel the same way anymore..."

And just like that, we were over.

My heart shattered 
into a million pieces.

I was in absolute shock and disbelief... What had gone so wrong?

What had I done to make him turn so cold and not want to be with me anymore? Did he EVER really love me?

In the days that followed, I blocked out everyone around me as I just couldn’t face the shame and disappointment building up inside.

I spent night after night crying into a bowl of ice cream, allowing the pain and loneliness to consume me.

Until one night, I realized there was someone I could call.

Reaching for my phone, I pulled up the number of my good friend Slade Shaw, who is a well-known dating and relationship coach for men.

Slade kindly listened to me pouring my heart out.

I told him how sick and tired I was of having my heart stomped on again and again...

How I had wanted so badly for this relationship to work…

And how I truly felt I deserved better.

"Why can't men just stop all the bull, save me the heartache and tell me what they REALLY want?!" I sobbed.

“Slade, please just tell me honestly, because I can’t go through this again... 

...Is there something about me that turns men off?"

“Am I too chubby, or not young and exciting enough anymore? Why do all of my relationships seem to end the same way?”

Slade immediately protested. 

“Hannah, you are none of those things. Look, Josh is stupid for letting you go, and he probably wasn’t right for you anyway.”

Then he paused, and said...

“But when it comes to guys and what they want, there’s something I need to explain.

“Every guy thinks he knows what he wants in a woman... sexy, playful, caring, smart...

“But how often do you see a man falling hook, line and sinker for someone who only seems to tick half of those boxes?

“And how many times have you felt like you were perfect for a guy, only for him to pass you up?

"The truth is...

“Men don’t really know what they want, until they FEEL it...Until they meet a woman who MAKES them feel it.”

“Once a guy feels this kind of spark, it doesn’t matter if it’s the ‘right time’ or if she ‘ticks the boxes’ or if she looks like a supermodel...

“Because real, passionate love... the kind of love that LASTS... it’s not rational.

“And trying too hard to give a guy everything he wants and show him you are 'The One' never, ever works... in fact, it has the OPPOSITE effect."

Everything Slade was saying made sense - but I was left feeling even more discouraged than before.

“OK...” I said. “But what am I supposed to do then... not try? What does it take for a guy to feel this way?”

Slade let out a deep breath and said...

“It’s hard to explain... and my expertise is in helping men with women, not the other way around.”

Suddenly, Slade went quiet...
"I have an idea..."

“How about I send out a survey to all of the men in my relationship network, so you can ask them what makes them SURE about a woman?

“If you write down everything you want to know - all of the questions you wish you could ask men - I’ll send out an anonymous survey for you.”

I felt a flash of hope. This idea was BRILLIANT.
Thanking Slade, I got off the phone, poured myself a wine and started writing down all of the questions I needed answers to.

There was no point holding back. So, I adopted the kind of blunt approach that men respond to. 

I asked the questions women are usually too scared to ask men directly, because of the answers they might not want to hear.

I asked them to dredge up the past and tell me about their ex-girlfriends...

The raw, honest, even brutal truth of...
Why men lose interest and switch off their love...
What turns them off...
What makes a man desire a woman so intensely that he can’t stop thinking about her...
What he NEEDS in order to feel ready to take the relationship to the next level
And for men who ARE deeply in love, what made them SURE that she was The One.
Most of all, I wanted to know what makes a man want to stop seeing anyone else, give up his ‘freedom’, and give that one special woman everything in a relationship.

Once I was finished, I asked men to be 100% honest in their answers and to not hold anything back.

Then nervously I emailed my questions to Slade, who sent it to his men's email list the very next day.

4 days later, I received an email...

Slade Shaw
Hannah Jackson

Hey Hannah, 

We've had an incredible result with over 400 responses to your survey. 

I must warn you though... some of the answers are pretty brutal. These men really poured out their hearts and spoke their minds. 

I hope you find what you are looking for. 

- Slade 

I immediately dived into the results, and I was truly SHOCKED at what I was reading...

Slade was right, these men did not hold back in their answers. They were spilling things that most men would NEVER admit, even to another guy.

And I admit, some of it was hard to hear. But what shocked me the most was how wrong I had been about some of the things that men truly want (and don’t want) in a relationship. 

I was blindsided to discover that something I’d always avoided doing with Josh out of fear of pushing him away, was exactly what most men want MORE of.

And here’s the really important part…

As I read through survey after survey, a huge realization dawned on me…

Over and over again, I noticed that while guys talked about these in different ways, the same five things kept coming up…

Five things that not only made a man feel attracted to a woman, but left him with no doubt in his mind that she was the woman he wanted to spend his life with.

To check I wasn’t going crazy, I spent the evening poring over psychological research of the science of love, attraction, and romantic attachment.

And soon, I realized that my hunches were right.

I had discovered that for men, there is a huge GAP between feeling attraction, desire and affection for you... and feeling a deep, irresistible attachment to you...
Which means, a man may fall for you, but his feelings will only be temporary if he doesn’t feel the 5 things which trigger his emotional bonding mechanism.

It turns out that it doesn’t matter how attractive you are or even how GOOD the sex is... 

If he doesn’t feel this undeniable sense of closeness with you, he’s always going to feel like there’s something missing and never feel ready to commit. 

Now, I finally understood...

Why men fall out of love (and lust)...
What makes a guy want to commit...
And, most importantly... What makes him become so deeply attached he wants to live and breathe every moment with you.
I call these 5 important stages the Deep Attachment Sequence. 

This is the KEY to transforming your relationships with men.

The Deep Attachment Sequence

5 steps to going from being someone he ‘enjoys being around’ to someone he can’t live without


This first stage of attachment is about radiating a special kind of energy that men find universally irresistible.

Because when men in the survey talked about meeting their soulmate, it wasn’t simply about how ‘hot’ she was… it was about how GOOD she made him feel.

And you too can learn how to ‘switch on’ this alluring feminine energy, to notice an immediate difference in the way men look at you, respond to you, and pursue you...

...So you can captivate a man on a first date, or make your man notice you again.

Unfortunately, many women, through no fault of their own, subconsciously repel men and prevent this magical kind of connection from EVER happening…

All because things like insecurity, fear of rejection, and bad relationship experiences prevent men from seeing their most attractive, vibrant selves.

But the great news is, I have discovered a simple yet powerful way that you can overcome all of this, and make a man feel so good when he’s around you that he will be unable to get you off his mind or think about anyone else.

I call this the ‘Battery Recharge’ Technique.

This involves a specific set of practices to do before you see your man, to instantly spark his interest and his desire.

It doesn’t matter if you have been out of the dating scene a while, or if you’re feeling insecure about your body or your age… following these steps will have him lusting after you and responding to you as if you’re the most captivating woman he’s ever met.

I’ll let you know more about this soon, but first, here’s the second step in the Deep Attachment Sequence…


I want you to imagine being with the man you want, switching off all of those anxious thoughts in your head about how he feels about you, or where your relationship is going…

And instead…

Having the power to calmly, sensually, irresistibly draw him into the present with you, in a way that makes him put down his phone, switch off from the surroundings, and focus 100% of his attention on YOU.

Instead of feeling tense, imagine feeling relaxed and connected… and as his gaze meets yours, seeing in his eyes that he’s feeling the same way.

…Wouldn’t that be incredible?

It sounds simple… but learning how to use the power of presence to draw a man into the moment with you is the KEY to getting him let to his guard down, open up to you, and connect with you in ways he never has before.

The truth is, a lot of women suffer from relationship anxieties that give them the tendency to always be thinking ahead to future ‘what-ifs’, or allowing past hang ups to creep their way into the present. 

As I found out in the surveys, this kind of time-travelling can put a lot of pressure on a guy and make him doubt his feelings for you.

But when you become truly present with him, you open the door to the kind of emotional connection that triggers his desire to move your relationship forward, without you even having to mention the next step.

(Hint: It’s all about using 7 proven ‘Time-Stopping’ triggers to put your fears into shutdown mode and and draw him into the moment… which work almost instantly to lift emotional barriers and ignite the chemistry between you).


This third step of attachment is about showing a man your deep acceptance of him - not as the man he could be, but as the man he is.

This is when you can draw out his softer, more romantic side and bring a new layer of vulnerability to your connection that makes his past relationships appear superficial.

What most women don’t realize is, making a man feel accepted is MORE than just showing your appreciation for all of his good qualities.

You see, if you know how to address a man’s flaws in the right way, you can actually make him feel more loved and understood than he’s ever experienced before.

I call this my ‘Ultra-Bonding’ strategy. A way of subtly, yet powerfully showing a man that you GET him and that it’s safe to just be himself around you.

The result? Deep emotional connection

And the best thing is, by using this 4 step strategy, you automatically encourage him to do more of the things you love and less of those you don’t… without EVER making him feel like you are changing him.

Once he feels this way with you, he will know he has something special and so rare, he won’t ever want to let you go.


It turns out that men really, really want to feel desired.

That’s right - men actually WANT to be pursued - but in a very specific way that makes them not feel needed.

In fact, there’s nothing that drives a man more crazy than showing him that yes, you WANT him… but you sure don’t need him.

There is a fine art to doing this right

But I’ve discovered a simple method you can use to show him that you are the sexy, empowered goddess he’s been dreaming of…

Yet, if he were to make a wrong move, he could easily send you running into the arms of another man (which he’ll do ANYTHING to prevent).

I call this my ‘Emotional Hook’ sequence.

It involves a specific set of phrases to say or text to your man, that set off a lightbulb moment in his brain… One where he now categorizes you as ‘one of a kind’… Someone he must have in his life!

(WARNING: your phone will most likely blow up with messages from him after you use these simple word for word scripts!)

And if you’re currently in a relationship where the passion has started to dwindle and you’re worried he’s losing interest, you can also use something I call the ‘Desire Waterfall’ effect to reignite the fire and make him lust after you again (in just ONE night)…

More details soon, but now here is the last piece of the puzzle… 

The final step in the Deep Attachment Sequence that triggers a deep need within him to attach to you and give you everything in a relationship… 


This final step is crucial.  

Though most guys would never admit it, it’s something that became glaringly obvious as I read between the lines of the survey responses.

For a guy, part of falling in love is proving himself as a MAN… to show you, and the world, that he is WORTHY of your love.

So to secure his heart forever, you need to fulfil his hero fantasy.

Not in an obvious overbearing way that comes across as phony, but in a gentle way that slips under his defensive armor and gives him the deep validation that he truly craves.

How do you do this?

By using a series of secret words and actions that ‘activate’ this natural instinct so that he sees you as the only one who truly understands him, and as the one he wants to protect.

I call these the 7 ‘Hero Worshipper’ signals…

Once you apply this final step with your man, there will be no doubt in his mind that you are the one woman he can’t live without. 

WARNING: Without going through these 5 stages, men often lose interest, and look elsewhere...

Experiencing three or even four of these attachment stages simply isn’t enough…

At his core, he will still feel like something is MISSING… and may never feel ready to take that next step in your relationship.

But when you combine all five, this triggers a powerful male bonding mechanism

A deep emotional bonding that makes him so SURE that you’re his dream girl, that a supermodel could make a pass at him and he still wouldn’t dream of leaving your side.

Having this information, I now knew exactly what had gone wrong in my relationship with Josh.

It felt like a secret window into the male mind... a permanent opening of my eyes that made me vow that I would never make the same mistakes again.

Excitedly, I called Slade and told him what I’d discovered. He laughed and said... 

“Wow Hannah, it’s scary how accurate that is. Do you know how much guys would KILL to have that kind of insight about women?”

A smile spread over my face, and suddenly I couldn’t wait to put myself back out there and use what I had learned to change my approach with men.

So, did it work?

Well, it’s still crazy to think about, but…

Just one month later, I met the most amazing man, Luke, at a Christmas party.

He was handsome and masculine, yet genuine and warm… and whenever our eyes met, I felt my heart racing.

Yet, something also felt different this time…

Because instead of feeling anxious and insecure, I felt happy, relaxed, confident, even SEXY…

And at the end of the night, I knew there was something special between us.

This time, the relationship felt so different, so real... 

Luke treats me like royalty, showers me with love and affection every day…

And the connection between us is so incredibly deep there has never been any room for doubt.

This was 2 years ago, and now I am lucky enough to call this amazing man my husband.
And I never would have attracted him or made him desperate to commit to me, if it wasn’t for sending that crazy survey to Slade’s men’s network and discovering the 5 steps to a man’s heart.

Soon, I found that more and more friends were coming to me for relationship advice, wanting to know everything about what I had discovered in the surveys.

At first, I felt a little bad sharing, but then I realized that these were the things that men actually want women to know.

Let's be honest, men can be so frustrating. It can be incredibly difficult to know what it is they really want. 

But all of that pain and frustration caused by the mixed messages guys send will become a thing of the past once he has been led through the 5 stages of deep attachment.  

And after seeing the happiness that was resulting all around me, I knew that I had a duty to share this with every woman who needed it.

I needed to let other women know about the Deep Attachment Sequence, so that they too could end the pain and discover how it feels to be deeply, unconditionally loved.

Before I made this discovery, I had been through so much heartache, left feeling confused and alone...

…And honestly starting to doubt whether I was ever going to be truly loved.

Other women didn’t deserve to keep going through this when there was a solutionright here.

EVERY woman deserves a chance to find happiness.

So, I knew what I had to do... 

I had to take all of the life-changing information I had uncovered about men, attraction, love, and attachment... 

And transform it into a step by step manual that ANY woman could use to immediately change her success with men… no matter how raw, honest and shocking it was.
The following months were crazy. 

I was often up until 3am, drinking coffee after coffee, typing like a mad woman until I’d finally crash.  

But finally, it was complete.  

And now, I’d like to formally introduce to you…

Make Him Love You Forever

The Deep Attachment Sequence That Captivates His Heart
This is the answer you’ve been waiting for… 

Make Him Love You Forever gives you EVERYTHING  you need to capture that special man’s attention, connect with him on the deepest level, and make him bend over backwards to prove he is worthy of your love. 

You will learn the five powerful steps of the Deep Attachment Sequence in intimate play-by-play detail… 

So you will know EXACTLY how to slip under a man’s defenses and get him to open up to you on a deep emotional level. 

Once you use these 5 steps with a man, other women will fade into the background and you will become the one woman he simply cannot resist and will not live without. 

The Deep Attachment Sequence is done in a way that is so gentle and subtle, that falling for you will come as naturally as breathing… 

…and HE will be the one pushing to move your relationship forward.

You’ll also get insider access to raw relationship confessions from countless men who completed the survey... 

So you can get a secret window into the REAL reasons:

Why men lose interest…
What turns them on…
And what makes a man SURE he’s found someone he wants to spend his life with.
These are confessions which most women would usually never get to hear from a guy, and you won’t find them anywhere else.

But that’s not all. Not even close.

Welcome to Make Him Love You Forever

Hi, I'm Hannah Jackson. In this program, you'll learn the 5-Steps to unlocking a man's defenses and capturing his heart. I'll teach you the five things a man NEEDS to feel before he will ever commit to a future with you.

Welcome to Make Him Love You Forever

Hi, I'm Hannah Jackson. In this program, you'll learn the 5-Steps to unlocking a man's defenses and capturing his heart. I'll teach you the five things a man NEEDS to feel before he will ever commit to a future with you.

There are 5 CRUCIAL stages of attachment that you absolutely MUST know to capture his heart forever.

Here is just a SMALL sample of what is inside Make Him Love You Forever...

Here's Just A Tiny SampleOf What Else You’ll Discover Inside Make Him Love You Forever…

The Better Than Beauty Principle

You’ll discover the ONE thing that men desire more than beauty in a woman, and how you can use this immediately to deepen his feelings for you.

You see, beauty might turn a man’s head, but it’s only skin deep and only works to trigger feelings of lust.

What all men really CRAVE from a woman is connection...

The kind of deep, primal connection that only comes when a woman is brave enough to drop the mask, get in touch with her real feelings…

And fearlessly, vulnerably reveal them to him in a way that makes him feel more emotionally bonded than ever before. 

A way that shows him it’s SAFE to go deeper with you… that it’s SAFE to be vulnerable with you…

And that you can give him what he secretly needs better than any other woman, because you understand what he truly craves in a relationship.
The Brightest Star Method

This is a simple mindset trick that will make even the most closed-off man melt like butter.

It is a way to subtly, magnetically position yourself as the only woman he has eyes for in even the most crowded room.

When you use this two-step method, you send him a secret emotional signal that makes him think about you for HOURS after you’ve left, and has him counting down the minutes until he gets to see you again…

(And you’ll be amazed at how well this works at ANY stage of your relationship).
The Desire Waterfall Effect

Okay, this one’s a little personal.

Have you ever slept with a man, only to watch in horror as afterwards the whole attraction dynamic between you just shifted…

And suddenly he’s not chasing you anymore, not putting you first anymore, and you can just TELL you’re not on his mind the way you used to be?

Well, you’re going to learn a simple psychological technique that works to tap into a man’s desires and bring him back to the brink of obsession with you…

Where he finds himself helplessly drawn to thoughts of YOUR beautiful face… the delicious curves of your body… and indulging in passionate fantasies of the exciting future that lies ahead with you.

(Tip: using the ‘Desire Waterfall’ is the NUMBER ONE most powerful way to re-attract a man who’s seemingly lost interest.)
The Emotional Hook Sequence

Are you with a man who might be losing interest in you, or you’re wanting to know exactly how to press a man’s buttons and switch on his desire?

Meet the Emotional Hook Sequence, that works to ‘bait’ a man by using 10 simple word-for-word scripts via text, email, or in person, to primally tease him into seeing you as the prey that he simply HAS to chase and win.

All you need to do is take the exact scripts I’ll give you and send them to him in a text, or casually drop them into your conversation...

...To make him drop whatever he’s doing and hungrily pursue you.
The Break the Spell Method

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt things were going great with a man, and then all of sudden he goes quiet… shuts down…

And responds to you asking “Is everything ok?” with one word answers like “Yep” or “Uh-huh”?

Then, you’re going to love the Break the Spell method…

It’s the secret response you need to become the ONE woman who can bring him out of his funk when he’s going through a hard time and pull him back to you closer than ever.

(Most women have no idea what to do when a man ‘goes quiet’, and end up accidentally damaging their relationship and making things worse.)
The Battery Recharge Technique

Now… think he might be looking at other women?

Maybe you’re a bit older than you used to be, or you’re not 100% happy with your body, or you’ve simply noticed that men aren’t looking at you in quite the way they used to?

The Battery Recharge technique is a set of simple 30 second practices that give your relationship or dating life an instant recharge…

Allowing you to get the kind of attention from your boyfriend, husband, or your date that you may not have experienced in months or even years.

When you use this technique, you can expect to bring a whole new level of love, desire, and respect to your relationship - all by unleashing a sexy feminine confidence men find irresistible.
The Ultra-Bonding Strategy

Discover the REAL reason he isn’t moving things forward or calling you his girlfriend…

And the four things you can do tonight that will have him coyly gushing to his friends about the ‘new woman in his life’.

Once you use this bonding strategy, you can fully expect to hear his friends telling you that they’ve “never seen him so happy”…
The Open Book Method

You’ve probably noticed that most guys keep a lot of stuff to themselves, right? And this can really stall a relationship.

Well, here’s my Open Book method.

Simply by using a certain tone of voice to ‘speak’ to a man in a secret primal language, you’ll trigger a compulsive need inside him to open up and eagerly talk to you about anything.

By implementing this method, you simultaneously fulfil his desire to feel like a strong, masculine alpha male, while getting him to open up to you almost on command. 

This is essential for deepening a man’s attachment to you.
The ‘Is He Serious About Me?’ Quiz

For any woman who is unsure of a man’s feelings, and wanting to know how to secure his commitment, it is essential that you do this first…

Just picture the man you’re dating, and then answer these tenquestions to know FOR SURE whether he’s serious about you.

You see, if a man really wants lasting love with you, then he will do at least eight of these ten things without fail. 

(And the results might freak you out a little, but think of it as a secret window looking into your relationship from the outside.)

You will get all of this and MORE with Make Him Love You Forever...

As soon as you start implementing these strategies and the full Deep Attachment Sequence with a man, you will instantly see a reaction...

You’ll see him lean in and focus his full attention on you... 

You’ll notice him complimenting you, and wanting to spend more and more time together...

You’ll feel him pulling you close at every opportunity, and making references to the future...

And every day, you’ll see him trying to prove his love...

Sending you sweet messages when you're apart...

And making you his number one priority before anything else in his life.

So, if you’re unsatisfied in your love life right now...

You think that maybe, just maybe you could be subconsciously repelling men...
And you want to know how to turn this around, so that you will not only attract that special man, but make him so utterly captivated by you that HE is the one pushing things forward…
So that you can finally experience the loving, deeply connected relationship you’ve always wanted, without suffering any more heartbreak or disappointment...
...Then Make Him Love You Forever is EXACTLY what you need.

Simply open up the first few pages, start reading, and realize for yourself how much this is going to change how you capture a man’s attention and how he responds to you…

…just as I have experienced in my own love life, as well as countless other women who have used the program.

But, let’s pause here for a second. Because as great as this all sounds, I know there may be a voice in your head wondering…

“Will this really work for me?”

That’s a great question. And I can wholeheartedly promise you YES right now, as long as you promise me something in return:
That you are fully, 100% committed and ready to change your success with men. That you value your own happiness, and you know that you deserve love. That you are willing to apply the exact steps I give you, and use this knowledge to get the man – and the relationship – that you truly deserve.
If you can make me these promises, then I can guarantee that Make Him Love You Forever will bring all of this into your life, and more. 

However if you’re not quite ready yet… if you’re not quite sure of what you want, and whether you can take this next step in your life… then this probably isn’t the program for you. 

This program is for women who know the kind of relationship they deserve, and who will settle for nothing less. 

And the fact that you’re here right now tells me that you are one of those women. But you are the only one who can truly answer that. 

So my question to you right now is... 

Are you ready to have the relationship you deserve?

…The close, connected, emotionally fulfilling relationship you’ve always dreamed of? 

If that’s a “YES”, then know that I wholeheartedly want this for you too. 

Because I know just what it’s like to suffer rejection and disappointment, and I want to help you to get the love you deserve. 

And I’m sure you’ve got some more questions of your own right now. 

Maybe you’re thinking… ‘Yes Hannah, I DO want change, but how do I get my copy and how much does a program like this cost?’ 

That’s another great question.

And I’m so excited to be sharing all of the details with you now, because I have done everything in my power to make this revolutionary program as affordable and easy to use as possible – and I know you are going to love it.

The Make Him Love You Forever Package

The Deep Attachment Sequence That Captivates His Heart
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The Make Him Love You Forever eBook
The Deep Attachment Sequence That Captivates His Heart
Everything you need to know to attract a man, connect with him, and secure his deepest love and commitment. These methods work in ANY situation, whether you are single and online dating, or wanting to move things forward in your relationship. 

(Plus, discover the honest answers to men’s most frustrating relationship behaviors, that most women never get the chance to hear).
The Make Him Love You Forever Audiobook Edition
The complete mp3 audiobook edition of Make Him Love You Forever, so that you can tune in to the program anywhere, any time, and on any device. 

Have a long drive to work? Simply play it through your car stereo and start learning the inner workings of men. Feeling too tired to read at night? Pop on your headphones, get comfy and listen away.
Pre-Launch Gift #1: Sensual Self Confidence Transformation Series
Are insecurities holding you back from love? This amazing audio series will change the way you feel about yourself. 

Use these scientifically-proven affirmation tracks to clear away any insecurities in your mind that are sabotaging your success with men… and become instilled with the kind of seductive, irresistible, radiant self-love that men are helpless to resist!
Include in my order ($45 value, today FREE)
Pre-Launch Gift #2: The Commitment Files
Have you ever wondered why men can be so resistant to commitment? 

In this exclusive two-part training with guest relationship coach Amy Waterman and Clinical Psychologist Richard Wheeler, ALL of your questions about men and commitment will be answered. 

Find out what makes a guy want to commit, why some men are afraid of commitment, what you should do if your man refuses to consider marriage, how to re-awaken the spark in a stagnant relationship, and much more.
Include in my order ($29 value, today FREE)
Total Value: $133.95
Regular Package Price:  $59.95
Today’s Price: $29.95
Here’s what you’ll receive: The Make Him Love You Forever eBook, The Make Him Love You Forever Audiobook, The Sensual Self Confidence Transformation Series, Your Commitment Questions Answered Audio + Transcript, How to Create a Committed Long-Term Relationship Audio + Transcript
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Why Am I Doing This?

This limited-time launch offer is for women who are in the same boat I was and are SERIOUS about changing their relationships with men.

By saying YES to this opportunity, you are proving that you are serious about taking action and following the required steps to attract the man and the relationship you truly deserve.

Which means, you are exactly the woman I am wanting to see succeed, and the kind of woman who deserves this amazing discount.

‘But, what’s in it for you?’

By taking advantage of this special offer, you are helping ME out, too. I want as many women as possible to be able to use this incredible information to turn their love lives around. But, I am just one woman.

By offering this pre-launch deal, I am hoping that women everywhere will take action and share it with their friends, sisters, and colleagues who need it, so that the Make Him Love You Forever revolution can begin.

Simply click ‘Buy Now’ before the timer runs out to take advantage of this one time only offer!

Remember: This 50% OFF deal is ONLY available for a limited time so to claim this discount you need to ACT NOW. 

If you decide to come back later and find this deal is no longer available, I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do.

So please, go ahead and use my 100% secure order page to complete your order, and get instant access to Make Him Love You Forever. I will see you in the Member’s Area!

60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
No questions asked. No hassles. No fine print. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
Because I believe in this course so strongly, I am giving you my ironclad 60 Day money-back guarantee, to make sure your purchase is 100% safe and risk-free.
Here’s how it works. Get FULL access to Make Him Love You Forever for 60 days! And if you are not happy for any reason at all, simply email my customer happiness team for a full refund.

Simply get your copy of the program today, use the material, and see for yourself how powerful and life changing these secrets truly are...

And if you don't get the results you dreamed of, then all you need to do is contact us within the next 60 days and we will rush every last dollar you spent back to you – no questions asked.

Here's What Other Women Are Saying About Make Him Love You Forever


I've been a single mom for over a decade and I thought I'd be alone forever. Then my friend told me to get this course and I'm sooooo glad I did! I met an AMAZING guy recently and I can honestly say getting this book played a HUGE part. Thanks so much Hannah!!!


I didn't realise some of the things I was doing to push men away. Reading the book and listening to the audios certainly was a wake-up call for me. I've been going out with someone for six months now, and we're crazy about each other!


My ex acted like a big baby which really drained me. I couldn't figure out why I kept dating the same guys until I discovered this program. I'm now with a guy who's the total opposite and I feel that he's going to pop the big question soon! Thank you Hannah.

Ready to bring love into your life?

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Special Offer

During this Pre-Launch ONLY, get…

50% OFF

PLUS two bonus gifts worth $74 FREE!
*Only available during the launch period

Make Him Love You Forever

The Deep Attachment Sequence That Captivates His Heart
Total Value: $133.95
Today’s Price: $29.95
Here’s what you’ll receive: The Make Him Love You Forever eBook, The Make Him Love You Forever Audiobook, The Sensual Self Confidence Transformation Series, Your Commitment Questions Answered Audio + Transcript, How to Create a Committed Long-Term Relationship Audio + Transcript
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Discover the Deep Attachment Sequence today

This revolutionary 5 step sequence gives you a special power over men
Tap into a man’s deep emotional core, remove any doubt in his mind, and make him certain that you are his one and only
See how effortless it is to change the way that men respond to you, connect with you, and ultimately fall in love with you… by simply implementing the 5 things that he needs to feel SURE in a relationship
Use powerful step by step techniques to draw down his defenses and get him to open up to you on a level he’s never reached with any other woman
Feel on cloud nine every day as the man of your dreams showers you with love and affection, because you’ve made him feel more fulfilled than he ever dreamed possible

Once a relationship is based on Deep Emotional Attachment, it is so real and so honest that it feels EFFORTLESS.

Your dream man awaits... 

You DON'T need to settle for a relationship that doesn’t fulfill you…
You DON'T need to leave dates feeling confused about how a man feels about you, and unsure of what step to take next...
You DON'T need to be single forever because you think it's easier than getting your heart broken again...
Instead, you can use the exact strategies that men really want to create a loving and intimate relationship with a man who truly loves and adores you...

Who listens to you, supports you, and who simply can't take his eyes off you.

Make Him Blind To Any Other Woman But You 

Picture this: You’re sitting down for dinner and you see a woman enter the restaurant. A stunning, ridiculously well-proportioned woman that is just oozing sex appeal.
And as you watch, every pair of male eyes in the room turn to her, looking her up and down with a kind of puppy-dog appreciation…

Every pair of male eyes except YOUR man’s.

Because he is so blindly in love with you that he doesn’t even NOTICE her.
He’s too busy holding your hand across the table…
Teasing you lovingly with that twinkle in his eye…
And looking at you with so much love and affection that you feel like a perfect ‘10’.
So, let me ask you… Is this what you want for yourself?

Right now, you have two choices…

Option One

You could leave this page right now, miss this opportunity, and take what you’ve learned and try to change your love life on your own…

And you might see some improvement, but realistically, unless you substantially change your approach with men you are only going to get the same results.

This will be a longer and harder road, with no guarantees that 6 months down the road, or two years down the road, anything will be different.

That’s not what I want for you, and I’m sure it’s not what you want for yourself.

Option Two

You could say ‘Yes’ to Make Him Love You Forever today, and let me GIVE you the exact steps, strategies, and scripts you need to uncover what men really want, and connect with that special man in a way he has never felt before.

No matter what your situation is right now, no matter how much you’ve suffered in love….

Once you learn how to implement the Deep Attachment Sequence with a man, you will finally get to experience the kind of love, attention, and affection that you’ve always wanted and deserved.

This is the key to becoming his ultimate fantasy… the woman he wants to commit to… the love of his life

And right now it’s all here waiting for you, for the tiny take-action-today price of just $29.95.

The decision is yours…

Right now, until the timer runs out, you can still get Make Him Love You Forever PLUS two bonus gifts worth $133.95 for just $29.95.

And remember, your purchase comes at NO RISK to yourself – you are completely covered by my 60-day guarantee. So if for ANY reason it doesn’t live up to your expectations, I will issue you a full refund.

Simply click Buy Now below to get immediate access to this life-changing course, and prepare to transform your love life forever.

I know that this will be the start of a whole new chapter in your life… a blissful, incredible future with the man of your dreams by your side… you deserve it!

It’s all here waiting for you, all you need to do is say yes.

Thank you so much for joining me today.

With all my best wishes,

Hannah Jackson

Make Him Love You Forever

The Deep Attachment Sequence That Captivates His Heart
Total Value: $133.95
Regular Package Price:  $59.95
Today’s Price: $29.95
Here’s what you’ll receive: The Make Him Love You Forever eBook, The Make Him Love You Forever Audiobook, The Sensual Self Confidence Transformation Series, Your Commitment Questions Answered Audio + Transcript, How to Create a Committed Long-Term Relationship Audio + Transcript
Buy Now
Discount Expires In: 30:00

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access to the Member’s Area?
Immediately following your purchase, you'll be asked to set up a username and password that will give you instant access to the Member’s Area and all of your Make Him Love You Forever downloads.

If you’ve already set this up, you can go straight to the Member’s Area here: http://www.makeanymanloveyou.com/members.php

If you've forgotten your details or need help logging in, you can contact our Customer Happiness Specialists by sending a message to support@makeanymanloveyou.com
What format are the Ebooks and Audiobooks in? How can I view them?
The ebooks are all in .pdf format, which can be opened and downloaded on PC, Mac, and any device with a pdf viewer.

If you don’t have a pdf viewer app, you can install Adobe Acrobat Reader for free by following the link provided in the Member’s Area.

The audio content of the course is in mp3 format which you can play through any media player. You can also easily save the files and play them through your mobile device.
Can I pay by check?
The Make Him Love You Forever program is only available by credit card or Paypal. We are unable to process checks or money transfers.
How can I be sure this offer is legit?
Make Him Love You Forever is sold through Clickbank, a huge online retailer who has operated for over 20 years. Products listed in the Clickbank marketplace have to meet strict criteria in order to be sold through their trusted platform.

Not only do we meet Clickbank's stringent requirements, we stand by the quality and integrity of the Make Him Love You Forever program and are confident that it will help you to reach your goals.

Myself and my support staff are only one email away and are there to help you every step of the way.
What is the Returns Policy?
Because I believe in this program so strongly, Make Him Love You Forever comes with a 60 Day no-questions-asked guarantee.

Simply place your order, take a full 60 days to test out the program, and if for ANY reason you’re not 100% satisfied, simply contact my support team and we will refund every cent of your purchase just as soon as the banks can process it.
How long will it take for me to find someone?
There is no exact time frame on when you will find the right man for you, however many of our happy customers report that once they have been through the program and applied the strategies to their love lives, more men are interested in them immediately.

If you go through the program today, by tomorrow you can start to apply what you have learned and see a powerful change in how men respond to you.

Make Him Love You Forever aims to make the process of looking for love so much better and easier, by transforming your mindset about men and love and planting the seeds to make men naturally come to YOU.

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