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Are you struggling to get a man to commit to you?

Or are you in a new relationship, so head over heels you want to speed up the process and make sure he is yours and only yours for good?

We interviewed couples who had made the transition to serious long-term commitment, as well as couples who hadn’t, and uncovered some pretty mind-blowing things.

In these 3 volumes of Connect and Commit you are going to learn how to make a man 100% sure that he wants you and only you for his future. So that you can get his full devotion and commitment, no matter where your relationship currently stands.

Here are just a few things you will discover:

The 5 C’s of attraction
These 5 things absolutely need to be present in every relationship. When you have all 5, moving your relationship from dating to exclusive will be a walk in the park. If your relationship is missing any of the 5 C's you will need to work on this to ensure your relationship is strong enough to move to the next level.

How Past Relationships Are Affecting Your Current Relationship
We ALL have a relationship history, and it's likely likely that unconscious habits may be keeping you from creating a committed relationship. You DON'T want to let baggage sabotage something that could be wonderful. Discover what you can do RIGHT NOW to make sure your past doesn't ever effect your new relationship.

When Cheating Has Entered The Relationship
The ultimate betrayal of commitment is not divorce or breaking up: it’s adultery. I’ll show you how to cheat-proof your relationship and restore the love if adultery has occurred.

How To STOP Living In Your Head
We’ve all done it, over analyzing every little thing your other half said or did. It’s detrimental to the future of your relationship, so I'll show you what you must do to get out of your own head and relax and enjoy each moment together.

PLUS the 3 questions you need to ask yourself if you desire to develop a more committed relationship, the 6 stages of commitment, and the 5 things you CAN expect when in a loving and committed relationship.

...And so much more, I simply can’t fit it all on this page!

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BONUS 1: Communication Secrets For A Strong Long-Term Relationship

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In this interview hosted by Amy Waterman, guest speaker Renee Piane talks about communication secrets for a strong long-term relationship.

Renee is a personal empowerment coach, an image consultant and a communications expert, had made numerous media appearances, and her love advice has been featured in big time magazines such as Cosmopolitan, so you KNOW what she has to say is so valuable. 

She is also the author of “Love Mechanics,” a powerful system that helps men and women alike to tune up their energies and attitudes to attract the right people for love.

In this interview, you will discover: 
  • Top 3 Tips for Using Communication to Build a Stronger Relationship
    Renee reveals the 3 communication tips you MUST understand if you truly want to see your relationship grow and flourish. When you understand these, you can build a relationship so strong that it can get through anything. 

  • How To Deal With Nagging
    This technique is immensely powerful, yet so often forgotten about. But once you’ve put it to work, it will allow you to create an intense bond with him, and keep you on the right track to a strong and everlasting relationship.

  • What to Do When the Relationship Breaks Down
    It's all too common for relationships to start out wonderful, and overtime something changes and suddenly the happy couple doesn't spend quality time together, argues, and talks behind each other's backs. It's so important to know how to handle a situation like this, and how changing your perspective on how you communicate is key for success.

  • How to Teach Men Communication Skills
    Know what you should expect from your partner, and understand what you can do to influence your man to communicate with you more.

BONUS 2: How To Reignite & Maintain Long-Term Attraction

Could Easily Sell For $27

In this exclusive interview, Amy Waterman talks to relationship expert Marie Forleo. Not only is Maria a well known author, but is also the Fox News Online Life Coach and relationship expert.  Marie reveals the secrets to reignite and maintain long-term attraction. 

Here's what's inside:

  • A Simple Technique That Works Like "Magic"
    Using this really simple exercise, you’ll be able to bypass the ‘seriousness’ of relationships, and get back to having fun – one of the biggest secrets to keeping attraction alive and strong in any relationship.

  • How To Be Naturally Attractive
    Understand how attraction really works, and discover a simple technique you can use today. Use this to instantly transform yourself into a head-turner, even if you’re usually the most shy person in the room!

  • How to Keep Physical Attraction Alive
    Attraction between a couple is so important, but is also such a common issue in long-term relationships.  We take a deep look at WHY this happens, and exactly what you need to do to prevent this from happening, or stop it in it's tracks right now (and it's so important that you do, if you want a lasting relationship). 

PLUS: How to keep your sex life HOT, how to feel attractive, and much more!

BONUS 3: How To Get What You Want Out Of Life – A Simple Solution

 "Success Guru" Mark Joyner, author of "Simpleology: The Simple Science of Getting What You Want" shares his wisdom with us in this interview with Amy Waterman, discussing how to get what you want out of life with his simple formula. 

Could Easily Sell For $27

Here's what's inside: 

  • The Formula for Success
    Mark explains how the “Scientific Formula for Success” for anything in life has THREE points. It's so simple, and you can follow this formula for success immediately. This simple 3 step formula can be applied to any and all areas of your life, including relationships, to bring you practically anything you desire.

  • “The 5 Laws Of Simpleology”
    By using this system in your day-to-day life, you’ll not only bring order to your chaotic love life, but you’ll also immediately begin to demand a greater respect from men, on complete autopilot! These 5 laws are life changing, so don't delay practising them in your life now! 

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