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The Make Him Love You Forever Advanced Program

The Advance Program

Step One

Conversation Chemistry
Value $299

Create magnetic, lasting, effortless attraction through communication that men respond to.

(This will tell you exactly what to say to men and how to say it, to ignite the chemistry between you and make him forget about other women)

Do you ever find yourself feeling awkward, shy, or lost for words when it comes to dating or online messaging?

Are you unsure of how to talk to a man, in a way that automatically captures his interest? 

Do you want to learn how to avoid communication breakdowns that may have happened with men in the past, which can lead to disconnect and heartbreak?

Or are you in a new relationship, so head over heels you want to speed up the process and make sure he is yours and only yours for good?

Once you have read Conversation Chemistry, never again will you feel uncertain about how to communicate with men.

This Communication and Connection manual covers everything from that first moment of contact with a man, to dating, to long-term relationships…

You are going to learn how to speak a man’s “language” in a way that instantly captures his attention and makes him fall hook, line, and sinker for you.

Here are just a few things you will discover:

How To Confidently Approach Men (No Matter How Much Anxiety You May Experience Right Now)

Do you find it hard to approach men, and worry you will blurt out the wrong thing and make a fool of yourself? Or worse, get brushed off? This is a very common issue that many women face. But you are about to discover 4 amazing techniques to stop this anxiety in its tracks, so that you will appear radiant, poised, and confident when approaching men.

Not only will feeling shy be a thing of the past, you will also learn the secret ‘bizarre’ tip you absolutely MUST DO when starting a conversation with a man to blow him away. (It’s so simple to use, you’ll wish you had known about this sooner).

The 5 Biggest Conversational Turn Offs For Men

We ALL tend to over-analyze everything we say to a man we like. And while most of the time our fears are unfounded, it turns out that there are certain conversational ‘red lights’ that make most men want to run a mile.

Discover exactly what these turn offs are, and what you can do to avoid ever letting them come between you and a man you want.

Conversational Turn Ons For Men

We’ve talked about the red lights for men… now what about the green lights? Prepare to learn the 5 conversational turn-ons you can use with a man to make him feel so drawn to you that he will do anything to be in your presence.

When you know how to use these 5 things, creating explosive chemistry when talking to a man will never have felt easier.

How To Make A Magnetic First Impression

We all know first impressions are important, right? But did you know that over 80% of your first impression has NOTHING to do with what you say?

Discover what you can do to make his mental snapshot of you so incredible, he will do anything to see you again.

How To Take The Conversation To A More Intimate Level

Do you ever find yourself wanting to move your conversation with a man to a more intimate level, but having no idea how? There is a fine art to showing a man you are interested in taking things further, without pushing the boundaries and risking ruining your chances.

I’ll show you exactly what you can do to connect with him on a deeper level and make him desperate to get closer to you.

What To Say To Get Under A Man’s Skin

You’ve flirted, you’ve created sizzling chemistry, but now it’s time to get under his skin in a way that no other woman has before.

By using these 10 phrases, you will hold him emotionally spellbound and have him opening up to you in a way that redefines your relationship.

Do You Feel His Affection Wavering? How To Apply The ‘Jealousy Sledgehammer’

If you are with a man who can’t see how good he’s truly got it, it’s time to make him realize.

The Jealousy Sledgehammer really stirs things up (in a good way), making him suddenly wake up and realize what’s right in front of him.

PLUS discover the Crucial Communication Signals that determine whether or not a relationship will last, the 3 Word Phrase that makes any man INSTANTLY want to do anything to please you, how to discuss the future…

...And so much more, I simply can’t fit it all on this page!

Step Two

Why Men Are Afraid Of Commitment

(And How to Be The One He Loves Forever)

This extremely advanced training method was developed to make any man, in ANY relationship situation, immediately drop his guard.

The moment you apply this method to your relationship...

Within days OR HOURS, you will start to hear him excitedly telling you within just days from now that YOU are the one and only woman he could ever want.

In fact, you will literally see him chasing you around like a crazy person until you finally agree to be his (and ONLY his) forever.

What to do if he starts to act weird, pull back, or have ‘second thoughts’ about you and the relationship (if you don’t do this right, you risk losing him forever… this INCREDIBLY SIMPLE technique has repeatedly proven to turn the tables and hook his heart on you where it belongs).

How to use his natural masculine wiring to ‘play’ him like a fish… This psychological tactic may be a little sneaky, but when it comes to making a man see you as ‘The One’, THIS is what he will respond to.

And much, MUCH more…


Bonus #1

Overcoming Any Dating Obstacle
Worth $97

If you’re finding it hard to get out there and meet men because you’re a single mom, or you’re past the age that you want to hang out in clubs, or you’re still experiencing a lot of raw feelings about a past relationship, this is a MUST listen for you.

In this exclusive round table-style audio training, you will get to hear from three superstars in the world of dating & relationships;

  •       Amy Waterman (000 Relationships).
  •       Marie Forleo (MarieTV, Fox News Online Life Coach, bestselling author),
  •       Emily McKay (X & Y Communications, host of “Keys To Bliss”).

Not only have these three incredible women helped thousands of women worldwide to claim the life and relationship they deserve, they have also faced and overcome their own dating challenges.

In this open and personal dissection of real obstacles to love, you will learn practical solutions that you can immediately put into practice in your own life.

Gain invaluable insights into the following dating scenarios:

How to Find Love As a Single Mom

Listen in as Emily shares her firsthand experience of how to go about finding love as a single mom, no matter how tired, frumpy, or out-of-touch you may be feeling right now.

How To Move On and Start Dating Again After a Divorce

Starting over after going through a divorce is never easy. But with Marie, Emily, and Amy’s insights, you will soon be on the path to finding a new sense of joy and optimism about dating again. Learn practical steps to navigating your future interactions with men as well as giving yourself some much needed self-love.

Dating Tips For Older Women

There are many pros to dating in later life. But it can also be a highly vulnerable time. Learn expert tips for approaching the dating scene and finding an amazing man to enjoy life with.

Facing the Biological Clock When Dating

Listen as Emily, Marie & Amy discuss another sensitive and very real topic; how to approach dating when you are facing the biological clock and wanting to start a family.


Bonus #2

How To Read A Man's Body Language
Could Easily Sell For $67

Non-verbal communication from a man can be confusing, because it often goes against everything we’ve been taught! In this special training, dating and relationship experts Scot & Emily McKay from X & Y Communications unravel how to read a man’s body language.

Scot and Emily McKay have been empowering men and women to find love since 2005. 

Listen in as Scot gives a rare insider view into the male psyche and behavior, and discover the common incorrect assumptions women make about men’s body language.

Here's just a snapshot of what you’ll discover:

Is He Interested?

Discover the biggest sign a man will show you through his body language that he is interested in you. Once you understand it, it will be so simple for you to see if he’s attracted to you and interested in pursuing you.

No more having to wonder if a man is being friendly or flirty, because it will now be blindingly obvious!

What To Look For When He’s In His ‘Natural State’

There are many important points to look for when a man is around close friends and family. When you can observe how he acts with those he is comfortable with, you can learn A TON of valuable information that will guide you in how to move forward.

Discover the secret signs to look for which will reveal his TRUE self and what he really wants.

How To Know When A Guy Is Lying To You

There is a powerful little-known technique that you can use to know whether a guy is being truthful or not. Whether you have been dating for a while or have just met, this technique can be used successfully, and will tell you immediately whether he is being dishonest with you.

Plus there are many other tell-tale signs to watch for in his body language.

Discovering how to truly read a man will set off ‘lightbulb moments’ in your brain and give you a special advantage over men that you can apply to all aspects of your love life.

Discovering how to truly read a man will set off ‘lightbulb moments’ in your brain and give you a special advantage over men that you can apply to all aspects of your love life.


Bonus #3

How To Double Commitment In Your Relationship
Could Easily Sell For $47

This special mini book written by renowned relationship coach Mirabelle Summers examines commitment in a relationship and boils it down to one simple statement that will change your relationships forever.

Here's a snapshot of what's inside: 

The 5 Fundamental Steps To Deepening His Commitment To You

Mirabelle reveals the five powerful steps you can start applying to your relationship immediately to automatically deepen his commitment to you, whether you’ve been together for 1 month for 5 years.

By following this five step formula you will show him on a powerful subconscious level that you are the yin to his yang; his perfect life partner.

(Warning: Many women do the exact opposite of one of these crucial steps, which is almost guaranteed to drive men away).

What To Look For When He’s In His ‘Natural State’

We’ve all experienced the angst of feeling like the man you’re with is holding back from your relationship.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a step-by-step plan of what to do in this situation, to find out how he really feels without coming across as needy, emotional, or desperate?

By implementing Mirabelle’s carefully laid out plan, you’ll not only immediately capture his attention, you’ll instantly command a greater level of respect – which is essential for moving your relationship forward.

Plus These 8 Additional Programs

Program #1

What He’s REALLY Thinking

The Top 7 Things Men Wished Women Knew… …But May Never Tell You
By Anna Wilson

Here you’ll discover

  • The Top 7 Things that men wished women knew (but may never tell you)
  • How to get him to WANT to open up more
  • The EXACT traits of high value women (that make him stop thinking about any other women but you)
  • What to do if he’s ignoring you and making you feel ‘neglected’. Men are wired differently, and here you’ll discover how to keep his attention on you (even when you’re not there).

Program #2

Make Him Desire You In BED

How To Become His Sexual Obsession

Here you’ll discover

  • The SIX sexual desire tactics that will make you become THE BEST LOVER he has ever had… Even if you are shy or lack self confidence.
  • How to make him desire you like crazy, without even touching him!
  • How to use ‘edging’ to control his libido… Use this to speed up or slow down his desire at will. Warning: He won’t be able to stop thinking about you
  • How to turn him on in ways other women would never have thought of… While touching him in erogenous zones outside of the “normal” areas.

Program #3

9 Love killers

And How To STOP These From Harming Your Relationship

Here you’ll discover

  • The 9 most common reasons for relationship breakups… And the steps you can take to PREVENT these situations from happening.
  • Plus how to bounce back and strengthen your relationship if any of these are already happening.
  • Find out how to argue constructively, so that you grow together from conflict, rather than apart.

Program #4

His Secret Desire

The ONE Thing He Craves Most… More Than Love, Even More Than Sex!

Here you’ll discover

  • How to ramp up a man’s love for you, by giving him the one thing he values MOST… Hint: Most women grossly underestimate the importance of this.
  • The irritating habit that men HATE and causes high-quality men to lose interest.
  • Uncover the surprising results from a study of 400 men and 400 women. It reveals a fascinating important difference between the desires of both genders in long term relationships. Understand this, and he’ll see you as a class above any other women he has known before.

Program #5

Does He Really Love Me?

How To Know For Certain… PLUS The 5 Keys To Ignite His Desire

Here you’ll discover

  • The basic biological instinct that fuels his desire, and long term love. Once you understand this, you can see if he has his ‘love tank’ is full for you... Or if it needs a little topping up (and how to do it).
  • How to tell if he TRULY prioritizes you in his life. These tell-tale signs give you an almost x-ray vision into his mind, and his heart.
  • The FIVE key elements that fuel his desire for you. Ignite these and he won’t be able to stop obsessing over you, and only you!

Program #6

Make Him Obsess About You

A Blueprint For Women Who Are Too "NICE"

Here you’ll discover

  • The Top 20 “Obsession Principles” that make him desire you like crazy, and want to secure your love.
  • The #1 quality that men can’t get enough of… Men find this so sexy and attractive, yet many women don’t realise how important this is.
  • Find out how to relate to men on a whole new level that he can’t stop thinking about you.
  • How to gain his love and respect, while getting MORE of your own needs met, and without ‘game playing’... He’ll find you so irresistibly magnetic, AND he will love and respect you more.

Program #7

The Relationships Destroyer

How To Stop The Top 20 Causes Of Breaking Up From Happening To You

Enjoy an incredible love life by strengthening, protecting and nurturing your relationship!

Get life-changing and practical strategies to prevent relationship disasters BEFORE they happen. 

In this program, you’ll get a no-nonsense look into the most destructive patterns and habits that tear couples apart…

...AND how to keep them from damaging YOUR relationship

Here you'll discover

  • Why people cheat and how to stop an affair from happening in the first place
  • Why people grow apart in a relationship - and how to close that emotional gap between you and your partner
  • How to keep money issues from destroying your relationship
  • The most effective (and loving) way to deal with negative behaviors that silently drive couples apart
  • And MUCH MORE!

Program #8

How To Love Yourself More

And Have Others Value You More Too!

It's time to end negative self-talk, boost your self-esteem and start living the best life ever!

Many women are filled with self-doubt and don't value themselves as much as they should. This is a HUGE drain on their relationships, careers and overall happiness.

That's why this program is the perfect way to kickstart your journey towards self-love and acceptance. By loving yourself more, you can finally get the love you deserve from others and allow them to see your true worth!

Here you'll discover

  • Quickly and easily create a healthy inner dialogue that pushes you to be at your best every day
  • Unlock the power of self-care: adapt new habits and routines that naturally boost your well-being and mental health
  • Learn how to cut the cord on everything dragging you down: finally put an end to negative self-talk, self-sabotaging behaviors AND let go of emotional baggage
  • Master the art of acceptance through small but powerful steps you can take every day

And More! 
You Also Get...

Course #1

Why Men Pull Away

Are you in a situation where he keeps pulling away from you and you don't know why or how to fix it?

Not anymore!

This method exploits a little-known 'kink' in the male psychological wiring, that allows you to creep inside his mind and peer inside his thoughts in a simple but CRAZY way.

You'll discover exactly how to have even the most 'difficult, disinterested' man falling SO HARD for you, that he simply can't resist making you his 'one and only' until the end of time.

Never be confused or rejected again.

Worth: $127


Course #2

Communication Secrets For Strong Long-term Relationships

By: Acclaimed Expert Renee Piane

Are you tired of having THAT argument with him?

Discover the number-one INCREDIBLY SIMPLE communication technique that allows you to be “stupidly honest” with your man...

... and actually have him love you MORE for speaking your mind.

  • No more walking on eggshells.
  • No more arguments.

(Even if you did something dumb or made a huge mistake that you're terrified he'll find out. )

Worth: $37


Course #3

How to Reignite and Maintain Long-Term Attraction Audio + Transcript

By: Acclaimed Expert Renee Piane

Marie Forleo is one of the most respected experts on love and success for women. And in this one-of-a-kind session with her you’ll discover the secrets to maintaining the passion, having a vibrant sex life...

And even breathing new life into a relationship that’s gone stale.

She’ll show you how to make changes in your relationship without coming across bossy, naggy, or demanding, by making taking things further HIS idea…

Worth: $47


Course #4

How To Be Irresistible To Men

By Amy Waterman

Create unstoppable attraction within any man and get the love you want.

Most women think that attraction is a choice, but that's NOT the case at all.

When a man feels that irresistible pull towards a woman, that's because she triggered something inside of him.

And it's not about being someone else, but rather unlocking what's already inside of you.

Worth: $120

This no-nonsense, straightforward 7-step system gives you the power to create instant, gut-level attraction with NONE of the rejection or game-playing.

In this course, Amy walks you through the reasons why women get rejected and how to overcome them.

You'll also get the inside look into how men think, thanks to the hundreds of men she's interviewed.

That means it becomes ridiculously easy to flirt with a guy, conquer your fears of meeting men, and making him see you as the woman he can't live without.

This provides the ultimate edge in seducing a man - all without forcing him to feel anything!

It all comes naturally and effortlessly, thanks to Amy's authentic approach.

It's time to unleash your inner confidence, give your love life a serious boost, and find the perfect guy for you!

And much, MUCH more …


Interviews With Dating Experts

You get top-secret interviews from the world's TOP dating experts, from the time when my team and I pried into the burning, ugly, weirdest and most 'embarrassing' questions from more than 20,000 women around the world...

and forced a bunch of the world's foremost experts to ANSWER those questions.

No bs. No fluffing.

Just raw, gritty, disturbing TRUTHS about men and what they really want.

Worth: $17

This is the cheat sheet to REAL MEN'S hearts and minds you've always wished for.

Most women will never know these freaky truths...

Which means YOU are going to have a really unfair advantage over EVERYONE else.

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Conversation Chemistry

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