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Q: ‘How do I know he’s going to love me forever?’

I get this question all the time.

The truth is that even a good man can fall out of love… (It’s actually crazy common.)

Long term attraction isn’t random… It’s a chemical reaction he has to YOU.

And there are things you must do to ensure that chemical spark stands the test of time.

So, let me ask you …

Can you state with absolute certainty that you KNOW the man you love will love you (and only you) forever?

This question is why I took a step back and figured out the most ultra-powerful mechanisms that give women immediate and lasting assurance that his heart is truly yours forever… no matter who else tries to take him away from you, or how old you get.

LOVE is a science so…


I figured out the 5 Absolutely KEY Steps to Getting His Lifelong Love, and they are:

  1. Understanding what makes a man instinctively see you as a ‘keeper’ so that he automatically sets you apart from other women.
  2. Understanding what actually makes a man crave a truly long-term committed relationship (not just the nonsense you read in magazines or hear from friends.)
  3. Knowing what makes him move from ‘wanting’ an LTR to actually taking the steps to make it happen with you … so he works to consistently upgrade the relationship … while (vital) it’s all his idea.
  4. Knowing how to maintain and sporadically deepen his attraction for you over time, preventing the eventual boredom-based desire to stray and keeping his heart and mind focused 100% on you.
  5. Knowing how to get YOUR needs met in the relationship without driving him further away, feeling unloved, or losing that sexy, happy feeling of connection as time goes by.

Once I figured out these vital science based compulsion secrets, I stuffed them all into this Acceleration package series …

An INCREDIBLY SIMPLE, proven step by step advanced program…The Compulsion Code is a culmination of all of the scientific research, hard work, and dedication, proving once and for all that…

Long term attraction isn’t random… It’s a chemical reaction he has to YOU.

Here’s Why This Is Important For YOU:

Because when you apply the psychological and emotional techniques in this system, you will immediately delete the possibility of infidelity or heartbreak in your relationship.

And you’ll get results starting from the very first time you put this system to work … getting results in DAYS that might otherwise have taken weeks or months to achieve.

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Course #1

The Compulsion Code

The Compulsion Code is written by Heather Christensen, an internationally recognized relationship writer, who teaches women to transform their love lives.

The Compulsion Code is a culmination of all of the scientific research, hard work, and dedication, proving once and for all that...

That attraction isn’t random… It’s a chemical reaction he has to YOU.

The perfect date-  You want to be able to keep the date fun and interesting, and both be excited for the next one! Learn the 3 things which will have him HOOKED and begging to take you out again.

Here's what's inside:

Discover the 4 compulsion chemicals, and understand how these fit into every relationship, and how they are the KEY to the relationship you have been searching for.

Want to learn some fool proof techniques to attract whoever you want? Here you will find some pretty powerful tips that work in ANY situation, at an time, with ANYONE.

Course #2

The Compulsion Code

I’ve spent hours and hours recording the entire program into audio mp3 tracks (with added commentary).

So if you prefer to listen to audio, rather than reading my book…

…Then you can listen to it on your mp3 player, on your phone, on your computer, or even play it in your car.

Course #3

My Private Collection Of Text Message Swipes

Next, have you ever stared at your phone, without a clue what to text him?

This is my collection of over 100 text messages so that you can just swipe and hit ‘send’…

These messages have been specially designed to spark that adrenaline rush for you he felt for you at first glance…

Without you even being there! These are the secret steamy done-for-you texts he won’t be able to resist…

Here is a small taste of what you will uncover:

What you should text him BEFORE the date

What to say AFTER the date (to tease him a bit, to keep him guessing)

What you should absolutely NOT say in a text to him

What to say to keep him super interested, making him think about you more and more each day

Course #4

Limitless Love

If you’re lucky enough to know a handful of people who are in a solid, sexually exciting, emotionally nourishing, and intellectually stimulating relationship…

With someone they not only love and respect, but actually connect with on a soul mate level…

You’ll see that these couples lift each other up to greater success and fulfillment…

Limitless Love shows you how to eliminate your limiting beliefs about what you deserve (even those attitudes about love you didn’t even realize you had).

You will have the tools to find the fun  and sexually exciting relationship you’ve been waiting your whole life for. Apply these tips to your life right away and start reaping the amazing benefits- you won't regret it.

Course #5

Ultimate Love Life Success

In this incredible audio recording featuring bestselling relationship author (and friend) Marni Kinrys…

You’ll discover exactly how men REALLY think…

Marni is an amazingly valuable teacher because she coaches men all over the world about women. 

This means that she is a true insider to the male mind…

And most importantly, how to achieve initial AND ultimate success with a man in every capacity.

Marni uncovers some pretty incredible insights to the male mind, and gives us some highly valuable knowledge so that YOU can have the ultimate love!

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